Jetlag Productions & Courage Of Small Heart

Hi people , how is it going ? Here I am resting at home , a bit sick but more motivated than ever. I am finally figuring out how to organize my posts and Youtube videos and yes I have a youtube chanel XD. To end the intro expect more content from me in the future !

So I figured I want to do this post after my Cinderella anime post. I am kind of sorry it took me this much time.

So how to start… When I was little , before DVDs , I never watched Disney movies or TV shows but Jetlag Productions a lot. So what is Jetlag Productions ?

They were an animation production company back in 1990s. They went bankrupt a while back. But their shows are still some of my fond childhood memories. So I am going to be talking about 3 their shows which had a young female leads.

So first is from fairytales collection . While I watched Cinderella a lot when I was younger , until the tape got broken XD, their Little Red Riding Hood is the one I choose.

Little Red Riding Hood 1995.jpg
Produced 1995.

I loved the animation for this one. The main character along with her animal friends which she mets on the way to her grandmother help her beat the evil wolf. Its a beautiful story about friendship and kindness . This is a fairytale but I think its important for children , even adults , to have some fairytale learned lessons and keep a part of the childhood.

Next I want to talk about one show from their Legends section. Its Pocahontas ! Now I love stories/events like Pocahontas or Anastasia. They are the first women that fought for themselves in my opinion but I wont get into how is Anastasia story true or not.

Slikovni rezultat za pocahontas jetlag productions
Produced 1994.

Now this story I adore. One little girl torn between her people and her love towards Jon Smith. I watch every version of this I can find. The thing that made this my favorite version is soundtrack in the show. Pocahontas is such a great story !

And the last one is from litreature section : Heidi by Johanna Spyri !

Heidi 1996 Opening.JPG
Produced 1995.

This is such a heartwarming story about an orphan girl who goes to live with her grandfather in mountains. This is my favorite classic ! I adore this version the most. I dont think I need to say much more about this show.

So tell me guys in comments , what is your favorite cartoon or which one of this series you have seen or read ?

That is all for today post , Hikari Otaku Station signing off !

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